PRIVACY POLICY Visual Information Processing Equipment Installation & Operation Policy

Visual Information Processing Equipment
Installation & Operation Policy

MAYPLACE SEOUL (hereinafter referred to as ‘ the Company ’) unveils how visual information is processed and managed with what purpose in accordance with the Visual Information Processing Equipment Operation & Management Policy.

1. The ground and purpose of the installation of visual information processing equipment

  1. The Company shall install and operate visual information processing equipment for the following purposes in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 25 of Personal Information Protection Act.
    1. - Safety of facilities and fire prevention
    2. - Crime prevention for customers’ safety

2. Installation capacity, position and filming scope

No. of equipment installed Installation position and filming scope
4 units Porch & lobby, restaurant
37 units Hallway, elevator, conference room, rooftop, outside, etc.

41 units in total

3. Visual information protection manager and access controller

  1. To protect customers’ visual information and handle related complaints, the Company has the visual information protection manager and access controller as follows:
Name Position Dept. Phone No.
Visual Information Protection Manager Kim Choong-sik General Manager Room Service Team +82-2-742-8080
Access Controller Lee Cheol-gi Facilities Team Manager Facilities Team +82-2-742-8080

4. Filming time, storage period & place and processing method of visual information

Filming Time Storage Period Storage Place Processing Method
24 hours 30 days MAYPLACE SEOUL’s Security Office Automatically deleted in 30 days

5. Matters on viewing and storing visual information
  1. - How: Contact the Visual Information Protection Manager and visit the Company.
  2. - Where: MAYPLACE SEOUL’s Emergency Control Center

6. Response to request for viewing the visual information

If a member wants to view or delete his/her personal visual information, he/she can ask it to the Visual Information Protection Manager anytime. However, the information is limited to the images filmed by him/her and those needed for the protection of his/her health or property. If requested to view or delete the personal visual information, the Company shall take a necessary measure immediately.

7. Safety of visual information

The visual information is encrypted for safety. In addition, the Company differentiates the access control to the visual information for the purpose of efficient management of the personal visual information. To prevent counterfeit and forgery of personal visual information, the related information (ex: Date of creation, purpose of viewing, name of the viewer, date viewed, etc.) is properly recorded and managed. In addition, the visual information is kept safe in a locked cabinet.

8. Matters on change in the Privacy Policy

The Visual Information Processing Equipment Installation & Operation Policy was enacted on July 15, 2014. If it is needed to be added or deleted according to changes in related laws & policies or security technology, it should be informed at least seven (7) days prior to the change on the website of the Company.

  1. - Date of Announcement: July 24, 2014 / Effective Date: July 24, 2014

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