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the best rest in the city


Jeonglim Landscape E&C Founded

1970Jeonglim Landscape E&C Founded

Mayfield Hotel

Mayfield Hotel Seoul,
a “Garden of May“ in the heart of the city
that connects architecture, nature, and people
is newly opened.

Mayfield Hotel Seoul Opened

2003Mayfield Hotel Seoul Opened


In 1962, we opened our hearts
to the sounds of nature,
preserving the largest piece
of land in Seoul for half a century.

Korean Restaurant Nakwon Opened

1984Korean Restaurant NAKWON Opened

At the heartsun icon of Seoul

In 2014, Mayfield Hotel revealed Mayplace,
a hotel that combines Mayfield's experience and
know-how in providing a comfortable and relaxing stay
in the Jongno street filled with traditional
and modern sensibilities.

Mayplace Opened

2014Mayplace Opened

Life, Culture, Experience

The spirit of the times and local culture

We have curated better choices for you to experience the true Jongno, where tradition meets modernity.
Enjoy K-culture, discover lifestyles, and experience the harmony of the new and the old.


Finding solace in nature

To make you feel at home when you are traveling in unfamiliar places and on a busy schedule,
we have focused on the details. Relax and unwind in this modern, freshly decorated space
where you can take a break from the demands of everyday life.

Environmentally Operated

Ultimate relaxation in the eco-friendly settings

Considering eco-friendly elements from the design stage, earning the green building certification green grade 1,
we used eco-friendly building materials, recycled rainwater, and built solar power systems to
create a sustainable environment.



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